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The TECCON manufacturing is a Grade 1 welding shop with an
European Welding Engineer, approved according to EN ISO 3834-2. For the construction of steel and aluminum struc-tures, the company is certified according to ÖNORM EN 1090 to EXC4.

A manufacturing and fabrication area of 4,000 square meters including a wealth of machines and equipment is available for use in the production. The most important are:

PRESS BRAKES for bending length up to 6,200 mm and 650 tons of force, PROFIL BENDING MACHINES, suitable for HEA 160 vertical or horizontal, SHEET METAL ROLLING MACHINERY for sheet width up to 3,600 mm and plate strength up to 110 mm, GUILLOTINE SHEARS for maximum 12 mm thickness and 4,000 mm cutting width, CNC FLAME-CUTTING MACHINE for 12,000 mm sheet length and 3000 mm sheet width, WELDING MACHINES for MIG-, MAG-, WIG- and electric welding, LATHES for max. 620 mm diameter and 3000 mm length, CNC MILLING MACHINES with up to 2,500 mm travel and 9 tons weight, PAINT SHOP, with crane loading system, SAND BLASTING PLANT, passage area 1.500 ×  800 mm, 7 OVERHEAD TRAVELLING CRANES, suitable for a maximum weight of 32 tons.

Wide networks of partner companies allow TECCON the opportunity to implement complex projects.

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