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Belt dryer

Drying Technology

TECCON designs, manufactures and supplies drying plants,
specifically tailored to customer requirements.

An example is the belt dryer for drying wood shavings in which transports a layer of shavings on a conveyor belt through a drying canal. Warm, dry air flows through the canal drying the layer of shavings. A precise humidity of shaving is achieved through regulating the duration time in the canal and the thickness of the layer of shavings.

Due to the intelligent design and arrangement of the compo-nents, TECCON has optimized the drying process to such an extent, proving that the dried material leaving the conveyor belt attain hgher drying precision and homogeneity compared to other methods used. Thus ensuring the best conditions for further processing pellets of excellent quality and high efficiency with a low overall capital and operating costs.

Continuous drying system with
conveyor system for enamelling

High performance belt drying
plant with 6.5 t / h water
evaporation capacity according
to customer specifications

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